Project Description

QuickReview allows developers to generate an email containing the details of a shelveset subject to code review.
The generated email contains links to the amended files, the comment on the shelveset and the work items the shelveset applies to.

Why should I care about code reviews?

Code reviews are an important part of the development process.
By having another developer examine the code written by the first developer, bugs and inconsistencies are found and fixed before the code is committed to the source control.

The advantages of code reviews :
  • bugs are found before the code is committed - OK not all bugs, but a lot of them.
  • consistency is kept throughout the code
  • coding standards and documentation deviations are discovered
  • it is a way to re-validate your overall change
  • junior developers gets the view of the more experienced ones on their code change, and learn from it
  • it forces the developer to thoroughly review its solution before submitting - no one wants to show they haven't taken the change seriously / have provided a less than ideal solution
The advantages of having the code review sent by email:
  • every member of the team has a view on what's happening with the code
  • everybody can comment on the changes
  • you keep track of code reviews - good for accountability and future reference
  • the code review request can (and should) be sent to the team of developers for whom the code change is relevant.

What's included in the download?

A console application

This is for you to use in your local box.
No need to install anything, just make some changes in the config file and run.

A web application.

This one is to deploy on a server accessible to all the users of the web application.
Instructions on the very simple deployment is in the Documentation page
Screenshots here: Web application screenshots


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